Mandarin & Sweet Orange

Essential Mist Fragrance Oil Diffuser Refill, Mandarin & Sweet Orange, 1ct

Experience a perfect twist of natural essential oils of grapefruit, sweet orange and green mandarin leaves introducing a bright, energizing citrusy fragrance into your home, with every fragrant puff of Air Wick Essential Mist

Top Notes: A perfect twist of grapefruit and green mandarin leaves introduces the sparkling and energizing citrus universe

Mid Notes: Notes of sweet orange and the juicy and fruity aromas of mandarin pulp create the delicious heart of the fragrance

Base Notes: Crystallized sugar and musks wrap the succulent juicy, citrus blend making this fragrance sweet and fresh at the same time


Note: This item is a refill only and does not include required diffuser device. To purchase a device please see our starter kits page. 

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