Fresh Water Breeze

Essential Mist Fragrance Oil Diffuser Refill, Fresh Water Breeze, 1ct

Capturing the freshness of a cascading waterfall, this natural essential oils infused Fresh Water Breeze fragrance blends airy and sparkling bergamot, with crystal clean aromas of water fruits, spring flowers and sheer musks. Add a radiant and fresh vitality to your home with every fragrant puff of Air Wick Essential Mist

Top Notes: Fresh, pure & clean aquatic notes, subtly blended with airy, sparkling bergamot, orange and green fruity aromas

Mid Notes: A delicate and transparent bouquet of flowers; rose, muguet and iris

Base Notes: Musk and peach are comfortable and fluffy complimenting the intense freshness


Note: This item is a refill only and does not include required diffuser device. To purchase a device please see our starter kits page. 

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