Lavender & Almond Blossom Bundle

Essential Mist Fragrance Oil Diffuser Kit, Lavender & Almond Blossom (Gadget + 1 Refill) & 3 Additional Refills (Cinnamon & Apple Crisp, Fresh Water Breeze, Peony & Jasmine)

Lavender & Almond Blossom Starter Kit + 3 Refills

Discover the more natural & premium fragrance experience of essential oils diffused by mist with New AirWick Essential Mist diffuser. It transforms natural essential oils into a gentle, fragrant mist that surrounds your home with the fragrances you love.

Includes 4 premium fragrance refills: Lavender & Almond Blossom, Cinnamon & Apple Crisp, Fresh Water Breeze, Peony & Jasmine

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